Thoughts of Suicide

On an Otherwise Lovely Day

Julie Caitlin BrownWhen a business acquaintance drops dead at 43, Jaycee Damon begins questioning her own existence. Caught up in a fast-paced work life that never seems to slow down, Jaycee struggles to find peace and clarity in a world that feels increasingly more insane.

Trying to explain her frustrations to Greg, her husband, he accuses her of avoiding her life, “checking out” by choosing work over her family. Jaycee is left feeling more alone than ever and the idea of a “long dirt nap” becomes increasingly attractive as the possibility of release from problems and deaths she can’t fix no matter how much she tries to live a decent life.

A near death experience brings Jaycee to her knees and in her moment of surrender, the smallest of miracles brings her back to life.

Thoughts of Suicide is a story for our times. Amidst the pain and suffering of an ever more global village, the courage to reach for the good stuff is a challenge we all face as we strive for balance and a life worth living.

Based on the true story of writer/producer/actor, Julie Caitlin Brown, this film is a family collaboration with her brother, award winning DP, Stephen F. Andrich, her son, Max Damon, and her nephew, Kevin Colis, who wrote two original songs for the piece.