Sibling Rivalry Pictures

Sibling Rivalry Pictures was created in 2009 to showcase the talents of you guessed it, the brother and sister team, Stephen F. Andrich, Cinematographer/Director and Julie Caitlin Brown, Writer/Producer/Actor. Both successful veterans of the entertainment industry for over 25 years, Julie and Steve had never had the opportunity to work together and decided it was a perfect time to create a project that reflected their deep respect for each other's abilities, but also combined their various skills to tell a very personal story.

Thoughts of Suicide on an Otherwise Lovely Day is based on the true story of a poignant time in Julie's life and one which her older brother, by only eighteen months, felt resonated with the current feelings of our society of overwhelment, loss, frustration, and the desire to make a difference.

The filmmaking process was a challenge, but ultimately Steve and Julie found that their love for one another and the competitive nature of their relationship served the film well, pushing each other forward to tell a better story.